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She is Everything

Some days she was like fire. 

Bold, unapologetic, filled with passion that could scorch you. 


Some days she was like a soft rain. 

Quiet, unassuming, ever observant of those around her. 


Some days she was like the wind. 

Free spirited, wild, you’d feel her but couldn’t grasp her. 


Some days she was like a garden. 

Gentle, fragrant, and so beautiful you wanted to keep her for yourself. 


Always she was like the ocean. 

Vast, deep, never ending. Those who couldn’t swim, quickly left her depths to play in the shallows as they were overwhelmed by all that she was. 


She was fire, soft rain, wind, a garden and the ocean. She was magnificent and her beauty to grand for words to ever describe. 


You’d find yourself hating her even as you loved her and wanted it to never end. She was more then you ever imagined. She is life. 

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Fading Memories

In my mind I try to picture him, and each time his image slips away. It’s like a nightmare that never ends. 


I reach into the fading light with all my heart, trying to at least once more picture his smile, remember his laughter. 


But as time goes by, I realize that the pain of losing him has dulled if only by a small amount. 


I woke up this morning and it was if the world was washed in a fog, and then a pain so intense it seemed almost blinding entered my head. 


And as I cried myself into a heavenly exhaustion. I realized that each day that passed his picture faded a little more. 


My memories of him are buried deep inside a place I rarely visit. And I am left with what once was. But will never be again. 

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The Unknown

You are the voice inside my head. You are the blood that flows through my veins, and the breath that fills my lungs.


You are the water, earth, and sky. The green blades of grass that tickle my feet. You are the wild flowers perfume that floods my senses. 


You are the gentle whisper in the wind. The cool embrace of the oceans current. You are the mysterious sounds of the forest, beckoning to a sense of pleading to be explored, discovered by the children at play. 


You are the sparkle in the stranger’s eye. The smile of a shared secret between friends. You are the thrill of a first love. You are the memories of the past. 


No one knows who or what you are. Or when you shall appear. Because you my faithful friend are the unknown that the future brings.