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Witness the Art

They were like art, the way they moved together, living, breathing, glorious art that you could barely stand to witness and yet you could never tear your eyes away in their presence. 


So fierce was their devotion and loyalty with their passion burning just as bright, you could be across a crowded room when they caught eyes and you felt it. 


Time slowed like a thick molasses as their connection crackled and they spun a web around each other, catching those around them in it without even trying. 


Bodies moving closer until it all snapped into place at the touch of their fingers, then their mouths. Damn, but were they art…in the purest form. 


The kind of painting or sculpture brought to life most people see and ache at the sheer beauty of it, wish they were a part of it. 


Sensual, hell downright sexual, they breathed each other’s air, bodies always touching, mouths seeking, paying no attention to those around them.


They never cared who witnessed their beauty. They weren’t putting on a show it was clear they only had eyes and thoughts for each other. 


They just couldn’t help themselves, and when there’s art as beautiful as them in front of you, as bittersweet as it is at times, you simply can’t tear your eyes away from it. 

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Love: An Enchanting Dream (Collab with Sidharth)

This poem was born from a collaboration with Sidharth of

It was an entirely new process and inspiring experience for me and he was wonderful to work with. Be sure to visit and follow his blog. I am sure you will find something to enjoy or that speaks to you.

I dream about you, so wildly well
While on me, you cast your enchanting spell.
In me, your radiant spirit begins to dwell
& thoughts about you, make my heart swell.

The weary sun, gets overpowered by your eyes
Submitting to your grace, the teary moon, cries.
The envious stars, flame up the black skies
Dreaming about you, for me their splendor dies.

Nothing compares to the beauty you hold inside
I dream about you, for you are my pride.
But the distance between us, my heart cannot abide
As yearning your embrace, my desires are amplified.

Addicted to you, I dream day & night
Of our bond, that shall be blissfully bright.
Within me you breathe, someday we shall unite
& I’ll be enveloped in your love’s luminous light.

Till then treasure my love in your heart
Softly dream about me while sleeping in the dark.
Promise me, your passion for me will forever last
& our love will be a beautiful art.

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The Beginning-The End

Sink into me, let me surround you with my love. Love can be such a fickle word to some. Yet for you, the word love isn’t nearly enough to describe the depth of emotion that crashes through me at the mere thought of you.

Your name is written in my bones. Etched across my heart in permanent scar tissue from the wounds others left and you finally closed. Your voice the slow hum of pleasure that fills my ears and dances down my spine to sit at its base.

There were others before you this is true, but they were the lessons I had to learn and you are the joy that fills my soul. Love with them was fickle, it was never constant and it was rarely love at all, always with a condition in place.

You say you want to be my beginning and my end. But you consume me so well that there was no true beginning to remember, only you filling me to overflowing beauty.  There is no end with you near, only a never ending connection of body, hearts, and souls.

Until the last star burns out in the night sky above us and the moon gives way to the morning light. I’ll gaze upon your person with amazement. From the inside out you radiate a beauty so deep it changes those around you.

Sink into me and I’ll surround you with so much more than love from our beginning to the end of time. For that is how long you will remain a part of me. Let me connect the jagged pieces of your heart and soul to my own. Let them knit together and grow completely whole again.

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From Garden to Sea

Seek me in the garden, let your fingers brush against my soul as if you’d found the rarest of blooms and were intoxicated. Let my petals stretch towards your touch.

Careful of my thorns, they may prick you without meaning too. Born of pain and anger they are ravaged by time.

Pluck me from my daily life and take me on an adventure only you can give, our laughter blending together in joy and our tears in sadness.

Plant my roots deep. Ground me in the earth, so secure in my foundation you could seek shelter from all of life’s storms in my covetous branches. My vines wrapping tightly around your aches and pains.

Walk through my leaves and see the memories of my past fade into the dreams of the future. Scatter yours throughout so that they combine to create a forest of beauty. From black as night to white as snow.

Walk on the path of the present with me, learn my curves and dips as I study yours. Over my brooks and streams, below any attempt at shallow depths until we reach the cliff at the sea. Take a jump with me and fly into the endless depth of life together.

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A Voice

Their voice dances down my spine,
A soft whisper that draws me in closer with each crushed velvet word.

It brings a smile to my lips and soothes the ragged edges after a days jagged cuts.

Draws a sigh of longing from my soul and wraps me in a sweet embrace.

It’s edges curl around my mind, creating a need for more…a never ending stream of sound that invades my body, mind, and soul.

It makes me sit and stare, the sounds of others muffled in comparison.

It’s a sound I’ll never tire of. One I’d rather hear a hundred times over a million others.

Each time I do, I find another reason to love it’s speaker and the way their voice traces patterns on my heart.

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I know you don’t know how much it means to me. The moments where you let me, be me, where I can stretch the wings I’ve had to wrap so tightly around myself.

I know you can’t fathom how it feels when I don’t hold back. When I am not less than to suit another’s needs.

I was learning slowly even before you that I did not need, nor did I desire a cage. Of mine or someone else’s making.

Why should I be less honest or observant? Why should I laugh more quietly, have fewer deep, rambling conversations at ten in the morning as often as I might at midnight? Why should I love less deeply, less freely then in this moment with you?

With you…it’s so different. You cannot see what my shadows hide. You don’t fully realize the pain I harbor and my demons don’t always play nicely with yours.

Yet still you stroke my wings when they are spread wide. Softly caressing the broken feathers and coveting the smooth and supple for yourself. Encouraging them when they falter with a smile or a phrase.

My wings grow ever brighter each day. They have become a shelter rather than the just the entrance to the storm. They can hold their weight and yours when your wings falter too. For I would gladly give my wings to you.

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Melodies and Words

I love words like air.
I love music like the need to breathe.
Words can express so much and music makes you feel it.

There aren’t enough words to express how I love you and there aren’t enough melodies in the world to make you understand the depth of it.

Even if it were to end the song would continue playing somewhere in some corner of me. It would find its way.

And the words and songs I’d hear from others would be of no use. I’d only remember the way your voice was a melody that filled my soul and made the words pour from my heart.

That is how it is now. You could be beside me and my body would still hum with a silent melody, the words to it flowing across my mind.

Words of love and happiness. At times sadness and despair but the melody remains unchanged. Untarnished by time or events that take place.

Inside my soul is a song that plays its never ending melody created just for you. It fills me up until there is no end or beginning. Only the melody that is you.

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Garden of Thought

Chaos controls the heart,
But order guides the mind.
The heart embraces what it feels,
The mind rejects what it doesn’t understand.
The heart is only as free as the mind allows,
But your mind is only as open as your heart can take.
The two are infinitely intertwined. One cannot function at its best without the other.
And so it is for me with you even when you are not near.
Everything is clear when I am in your presence. When you take a walk across the garden in my mind. Your feet forging a new path made just for you.
When you brush your callused fingers against my petals, stirring my thoughts and passions. Plucking the weeds left cluttered by the world and the past.
Planting new seeds in their place, so that you may continue to hoard the flowers you love best and watching over those that struggle to grow.
Even when you are far away. I can feel the phantom brush of fingers. Your head as it laid in the grass. You stared up at the thoughts and ideas that created a vivid sky unlike any other.
I could hear your voice wandering over it all. So I tentatively plucked a few of my flowers that I’d planted just for you. Gathering some seeds. And I took a walk across the bridge.
I brushed my fingers over the stone and knocked on the door to your garden and asked if I may come in. To share a few flowers that I’d made just for you…
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Lovers in Time

It’s the way your lover looks,
A twinkle in the eye,
A slight smirk on their mouth.
Their head tilts to one side as they stare.

It brings a flush of pleasure to you.
You know that look means they want you.
They preen and flirt with you then,
Teasing with what may come.

It can be gentle and filled with passion.
This game you play together.
A brush of their hand against your hair.
A stroke of yours across their face.

There’s no hurry or rush in it.
Only certainty because this person is yours.
So it builds throughout time and space.
This need and love you share.

Until such a time when you meet again.
Until the brightness they bring you overflows your body at the mere sight of them. Your joy knowing no bounds in that moment.

Until your arms are wrapped tight around the other. Until they press a kiss to your mouth and your world is set right. You take their presence in for as long as you can.

Lamenting the time when you will part again.
Until it is time for you to remain together.
Until a time when the distance no longer burdens you and your joy is never ending.

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Always You

You pour into me and I overflow,
Words of love are not enough to describe how you make me feel.

My whole body reacts to you,
I light up from the inside out.

A smile that rarely leaves my face,
Never leaves my soul for you.

Throughout the good and bad times,
I am lighter for what you give to me.

You say our love is infinite and a part of me agrees, but the other part knows even that cannot describe what it means to love you.

I had many walls, built high and deep,
That others could not scale or simply helped create.

And one day I looked down and you had burrowed underneath: sitting, waiting for me to see, the beauty of your soul and the hand you offered me to take.

I can only hope you feel a fraction of what I do for you, as I continue floating in the sea of feelings you surround me in.