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Beautiful Predator

Staring into the glossy surface of the water, she lets the stillness flow through her as she kneels by the shimmering lake.


A slow inhale and even slower exhale as her body’s tension drains. Her feet and legs molding to the earth beneath her as they conform to her body. Earth and woman made for each other.

The sun shines exquisitely over her, making the volcanic veins just beneath her surface shimmer and dance. Her fingers sink into the shore at her sides as her head falls back into shadow with a piercing scream.

Birds scatter in the trees, small animals run a little faster, but the larger animals recognize their own. A predator in soft skin, with a shrill battle cry, one who is fire itself. They slink slowly away from it even as they envy it.

The water ripples outward at the sound, moved beyond measure to its depths at this creature above it. It can feel the pull at the shore line, the power in her hands, the call of her voice.

Drops of her blood meet the water as they fall from her nose and ears, but still her cry rings out. At the scent of her blood the larger animals scatter even further.

Knowing she is not only capable of immense love and kindness this predator in soft skin. But that she will set fire to the earth around her, blazing her own path, salting it after she is done.

Burning tainted bridges without hesitation and building steel in their place from her very own spine. Her cry fades away and the sound of silence reigns as the dirt on her hands mixes with the blood on her face.

She walks into the blazing sun, not caring of the eyes that watch, what is the uncaring weight of few when she is the hope and joy of many?

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Beauty & Legends

When the brightness of day gives way to a luminous night, the moons rays fall across her weary face.

She is at once the Maiden, Mother, and Crone of the old tales. Shining with an inner radiance you can see rippling across the surface of her skin.

As the worries of the day fade, the laugh lines around her eyes come out to play. The moon rises ever higher above her as she tosses her head back.

It’s light shines fully over her face and down her neck covering her body as she screams like a banshee of legends gone by, fully embracing her whole self.

In that one perfect moment, all else is forgotten except the oneness of moon and female brought together by the darkness of night and that which resides in her.

Her fury and wisdom are given free reign, not even the soreness of her throat or the tears on her reddened cheeks can disturb the peace found in the moons caress.

Maiden, Mother and Crone, a banshee of legend, she is everything you think she is not and nothing like you think she is.

She does not ask your permission for the space she inhabits. Only that you do not unwisely stray onto her path, less she takes herself from the peace of the moon and gives you the fire of the sun.


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What Lies Beneath

Her lips dripped honeyed words sweeter than any bee ever hoped to produce. She was a goddess among queens. Beneath her sweetness a truth lay in wait for the man that would one day hold her. 



Her eyes caught you, always lit from within. A mystery untold even as her mouth would quirk up in a smile on one side. Like she was laughing at a secret only she was privy too. One she may not have found truly amusing. 



Her face showed youth, yet it also showed the wisdom of lessons learned. Of the life she’d lived to this point and that no matter ones age, they can always know pain and loss and a life lived. Etched in between the tiny laugh lines around her eyes, you would surly find both. 



Yet beneath her smoothed out veneer ran a savageness and hunger. One that she ruthlessly controlled. She could never truly be held unless she gave herself freely. Trying to capture her was like trying to capture smoke that the wind had already carried away. 

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Beauty and the Soul

Beauty and the Soul

She was beauty itself, she wore her sexuality like a cloak of the finest silk that everyone wanted to touch.
She brushed against many, teasing, taunting in her loveliness but few would know the bliss of her embrace, her lips and hands on them.
Many tried to grasp at her, tried to tear at her being and essence, but all failed, for it was as I said.
Her sexuality was merely a cloak that hid the magnificence of her soul, a soul the world would never be fully ready for.
I had never witnessed someone like her, and I never would again. She burned like the brightest of fires, but was a gentle caress of the sweetest nature.
One day she will remove her cloak, still fully intact from the greedy hands and eyes around her and give herself to the one that always saw what it was.
One day, someone will finally be worthy of a queen…
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Caged from Within

I am trapped in a cage.

I can see my freedom,

I am free…aren’t I?



Why can’t I leave?

Why is the way blocked?

It’s as if a thin veil of steel,

Hinders my escape.


I can see the sun in the morning,

Feel its warmth upon me.

At night the moon burns bright,

And it soothes me…


And again I feel free,

But when I wake and I reach for suns warmth,

Again the veil is back,

No longer masked by the moons infinite beauty.


This time I fight,

I beat against the veil,

That appears as if it is air.

I rage against it!

But it is entrenched as if it blocks,

Blocks my very soul…from the freedom it craves.


I feel raw,

So exposed,

Vulnerable, as if I have been ripped open.

It fills me with terror.

Why must it always be this way?

Why must I bleed for my freedom?

Why, why must I reveal the most intimate parts of myself,

To escape this hell that pretends to be free.


I am broken,

I collapse to the ground, exhausted,

Exhausted, beyond any words that are known to me.

And then I feel it begin…

A cleansing fire burns throughout,

It is agony, as if all of my demons are there at once!

And at once, gone.

Laid to rest,



Years may have passed…


But when it is over,

I lift my head,

The warmth of the sun reaches out,

And it dries the tears on my face…

And that is when I know,

That the demons of my past,

The fear and pain they bred into my essence,

Are gone, and I am once again…

Free, allowed to fly from my cage,

Because I alone hold the key.


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In Motion

I look in the mirror and all I see, is who I am determined to become,

Not what I was yesterday,

Or even who I am today.

Only what I hope,


What I will be.

Some people think that you best serve yourself, by focusing on the present.

But I say that by looking at your future, and what it is you desire to become.

Are you not more driven to live in the present?

To live in the moments that will come to define your future,

For no matter what has been said, the past, in all its chaotic glory, affects the present.

In a much as the present affects the future.

The past.

The present.

The future.

They are all moments that define who we ate, they are the moments that shape our characters.

The only difference between these 3 pieces of time, is that I have the potential power to change,

Only one.


The future.

Whether that future be an hour from now,

A day,

A month,

A year,

Or an entire lifetime,

Is still yet unknown to me.

It is a heady, yet incredibly daunting thing to be aware of.

That the choices of yesterday,

The good and the bad,

And the choices of today,

That are already fading to a thing of the past.

Will come to decide my fate in life.


The future of my life is clouded,

And yet the greatest desires I hold are held within its hands.

In this manner,

The beauty of the future, lies in its greatest flaw.

The ability it has to remain unchanged.


I will never truly know the future, for once it is upon me,

Has it not already become a thing of the present, and then the past?

The future will always remain elusive and one step ahead of me.

Yet the same trait that it holds,

Is what drives me to attain it.

For each moment I live, I collect yet another piece of my future,

And become prepared for the next that is already in motion.