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Thank You

I wanted to thank you all for baring with me. I have been posting less while sorting out some issues that have arisen and haven’t had as much time as I would like to dedicate to my writing. I will hopefully be back to my normal posting schedule or a more frequent one soon. In the meantime I have still enjoyed reading everyone’s work when I get the chance and hope to continue providing works you may enjoy or find inspiring along with your own amazing pieces. Thank you all again!

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I know you don’t know how much it means to me. The moments where you let me, be me, where I can stretch the wings I’ve had to wrap so tightly around myself.

I know you can’t fathom how it feels when I don’t hold back. When I am not less than to suit another’s needs.

I was learning slowly even before you that I did not need, nor did I desire a cage. Of mine or someone else’s making.

Why should I be less honest or observant? Why should I laugh more quietly, have fewer deep, rambling conversations at ten in the morning as often as I might at midnight? Why should I love less deeply, less freely then in this moment with you?

With you…it’s so different. You cannot see what my shadows hide. You don’t fully realize the pain I harbor and my demons don’t always play nicely with yours.

Yet still you stroke my wings when they are spread wide. Softly caressing the broken feathers and coveting the smooth and supple for yourself. Encouraging them when they falter with a smile or a phrase.

My wings grow ever brighter each day. They have become a shelter rather than the just the entrance to the storm. They can hold their weight and yours when your wings falter too. For I would gladly give my wings to you.

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Melodies and Words

I love words like air.
I love music like the need to breathe.
Words can express so much and music makes you feel it.

There aren’t enough words to express how I love you and there aren’t enough melodies in the world to make you understand the depth of it.

Even if it were to end the song would continue playing somewhere in some corner of me. It would find its way.

And the words and songs I’d hear from others would be of no use. I’d only remember the way your voice was a melody that filled my soul and made the words pour from my heart.

That is how it is now. You could be beside me and my body would still hum with a silent melody, the words to it flowing across my mind.

Words of love and happiness. At times sadness and despair but the melody remains unchanged. Untarnished by time or events that take place.

Inside my soul is a song that plays its never ending melody created just for you. It fills me up until there is no end or beginning. Only the melody that is you.