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Present Day

The past is always clear.

The present is in the moment.

The future is an adventure waiting to happen.


I remember the past,

But I live in the present day.

I anticipate the adventure that tomorrow brings.


I do not dwell on the past.

I have made the decision to live in the present moment.

I look forward to the future of tomorrow.


I live one day at a time.

I don’t look back at what has already come to pass.

I have always lived in the day of today.

But I dream of what is to come.

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Fading Memories

In my mind I try to picture him, and each time his image slips away. It’s like a nightmare that never ends. 


I reach into the fading light with all my heart, trying to at least once more picture his smile, remember his laughter. 


But as time goes by, I realize that the pain of losing him has dulled if only by a small amount. 


I woke up this morning and it was if the world was washed in a fog, and then a pain so intense it seemed almost blinding entered my head. 


And as I cried myself into a heavenly exhaustion. I realized that each day that passed his picture faded a little more. 


My memories of him are buried deep inside a place I rarely visit. And I am left with what once was. But will never be again. 

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The Unknown

You are the voice inside my head. You are the blood that flows through my veins, and the breath that fills my lungs.


You are the water, earth, and sky. The green blades of grass that tickle my feet. You are the wild flowers perfume that floods my senses. 


You are the gentle whisper in the wind. The cool embrace of the oceans current. You are the mysterious sounds of the forest, beckoning to a sense of pleading to be explored, discovered by the children at play. 


You are the sparkle in the stranger’s eye. The smile of a shared secret between friends. You are the thrill of a first love. You are the memories of the past. 


No one knows who or what you are. Or when you shall appear. Because you my faithful friend are the unknown that the future brings. 

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You spoke and I sank…

Deep into your words, they filled me from the ground up and I blossomed


I fell into your voice…

As if it were the last sound I’d ever hear and I couldn’t bear the thought of such despair


I drowned…

When I looked upon your masculinity, you flooded into me without reason and I choked on your beauty


I lost…

Myself in you, in the words you spoke, in the things you said, in the ways you made me vulnerable


I found…

Myself in you, in the words you spoke, in the things you said, no one treasures me better


I long…

For you to be pressed against me, your mouth, your skin, your soul


I crave…

Your affections, your arms around me, your




I desire…

You in the simplest and wickedest of ways, pressed close and all around me, until there is no end or beginning 


I was swept…

Away into your heart, as you are in mine, no words can define what you make me feel


I choose….

You, today and all of my tomorrows, you are my conscious choice

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Beauty and the Soul

Beauty and the Soul

She was beauty itself, she wore her sexuality like a cloak of the finest silk that everyone wanted to touch.
She brushed against many, teasing, taunting in her loveliness but few would know the bliss of her embrace, her lips and hands on them.
Many tried to grasp at her, tried to tear at her being and essence, but all failed, for it was as I said.
Her sexuality was merely a cloak that hid the magnificence of her soul, a soul the world would never be fully ready for.
I had never witnessed someone like her, and I never would again. She burned like the brightest of fires, but was a gentle caress of the sweetest nature.
One day she will remove her cloak, still fully intact from the greedy hands and eyes around her and give herself to the one that always saw what it was.
One day, someone will finally be worthy of a queen…
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Come to Me…

Come to me and lose yourself,

In words that never end


Come to me and lose yourself,

In a place where life begins


Come to me in waves,

That drown out the demons of my soul


Come to me in waves,

So I can make you whole again


Come to me in skin,

So I can feel you bare and touch every part of you


Come to me in skin, 

Bare me to your gaze and make me whole again


And if…if you find you can’t come to me, whisper softly across the distance and I will come to you, to make us whole again…

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Caged from Within

I am trapped in a cage.

I can see my freedom,

I am free…aren’t I?



Why can’t I leave?

Why is the way blocked?

It’s as if a thin veil of steel,

Hinders my escape.


I can see the sun in the morning,

Feel its warmth upon me.

At night the moon burns bright,

And it soothes me…


And again I feel free,

But when I wake and I reach for suns warmth,

Again the veil is back,

No longer masked by the moons infinite beauty.


This time I fight,

I beat against the veil,

That appears as if it is air.

I rage against it!

But it is entrenched as if it blocks,

Blocks my very soul…from the freedom it craves.


I feel raw,

So exposed,

Vulnerable, as if I have been ripped open.

It fills me with terror.

Why must it always be this way?

Why must I bleed for my freedom?

Why, why must I reveal the most intimate parts of myself,

To escape this hell that pretends to be free.


I am broken,

I collapse to the ground, exhausted,

Exhausted, beyond any words that are known to me.

And then I feel it begin…

A cleansing fire burns throughout,

It is agony, as if all of my demons are there at once!

And at once, gone.

Laid to rest,



Years may have passed…


But when it is over,

I lift my head,

The warmth of the sun reaches out,

And it dries the tears on my face…

And that is when I know,

That the demons of my past,

The fear and pain they bred into my essence,

Are gone, and I am once again…

Free, allowed to fly from my cage,

Because I alone hold the key.


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A Man

There was a man who made the breath rush through my lungs. 


Who made my heart beat fast, like it was trying to win the fight to be owned. 


There was a man who made me bite back a moan at the touch of his lips. 


Who made me smile and laugh with his words. 


There was a man who I believed could do anything. 


Who was capable of anything and everything. 


There was a man I craved like a dark desire. 


Who I adored for the simplest pleasure of touching his skin, holding his hand in mine. 


There was a man I desired for his touch set me on fire and I wanted to burn. 


There was a man who was proud and kind. 


Who was handsome and smart.  


There was a man who’s laughter brought about my own. 


There was a man I loved….

Who I loved deeply with all that I knew to give. 


There was a man I adored…

Who I adored for all that he was and that I knew he would one day be. 


There is a man…


A man like you. 

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In Motion

I look in the mirror and all I see, is who I am determined to become,

Not what I was yesterday,

Or even who I am today.

Only what I hope,


What I will be.

Some people think that you best serve yourself, by focusing on the present.

But I say that by looking at your future, and what it is you desire to become.

Are you not more driven to live in the present?

To live in the moments that will come to define your future,

For no matter what has been said, the past, in all its chaotic glory, affects the present.

In a much as the present affects the future.

The past.

The present.

The future.

They are all moments that define who we ate, they are the moments that shape our characters.

The only difference between these 3 pieces of time, is that I have the potential power to change,

Only one.


The future.

Whether that future be an hour from now,

A day,

A month,

A year,

Or an entire lifetime,

Is still yet unknown to me.

It is a heady, yet incredibly daunting thing to be aware of.

That the choices of yesterday,

The good and the bad,

And the choices of today,

That are already fading to a thing of the past.

Will come to decide my fate in life.


The future of my life is clouded,

And yet the greatest desires I hold are held within its hands.

In this manner,

The beauty of the future, lies in its greatest flaw.

The ability it has to remain unchanged.


I will never truly know the future, for once it is upon me,

Has it not already become a thing of the present, and then the past?

The future will always remain elusive and one step ahead of me.

Yet the same trait that it holds,

Is what drives me to attain it.

For each moment I live, I collect yet another piece of my future,

And become prepared for the next that is already in motion.

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Silent tears stream down a face, only to be caught by the ground

Upon which a person kneels. Unnoticed by all who see, but cannot truly see.


The pieces of a life are shattered on the ground; a person kneels amidst them, trying to collect them all.

Only to find that each time they pick a piece up another fills it place.


Silent tears stream down a face and softly hit the ground,

Upon which a person kneels; again they go unnoticed by all who hear,

But cannot truly hear.


A million pieces of a life, wait impatiently, in agonizing pain, to finally be picked up

And put back together again.

Each time a person passes by they start to hope, think, and maybe even pray that today will be the day.


That today will be the day that someone stops to help them collect the million pieces of their life,

Shattered on the ground.


Each time a person passes by, a little piece of hope inside them dies.

Each time they go unnoticed, they feel a little more unloved, a little less wanted and a little less worthy.


Unnoticed by all who see, but cannot truly see, by all who hear, but cannot truly hear.


Silent tears stream down a face and softly hit the ground.